10 Best Creative Installation Art Ideas

by theartinvogue on 03/02/2021

The visual impact of art installations is just mind-blowing. Even if you’re not a fan of contemporary art you’d find that art installations are indeed special. But what makes them special? The art installation is a relatively new genre of contemporary art. Usually but not always they are the work of postmodern artists. These forms of art are proved to be permanent or temporary. The purpose of these art forms is being an alternative to traditional artwork. In this respect, viewers are able to enter, move around and interpret the idea which is sort of not possible with paintings and sculpture. Here a close examination can be done.These are some of the best creative art installations out there.

1. Shoebox Art

Very unbelievable but these are just simple shoe boxes covered with smart decorative paper which looks super amazing. It is a very saving activity as all you have to do here is use a combination of 9 boxes to create a giant square. That’ll look like a stylish art installation in your dining room or bedroom. You can add a couple of bamboo sticks or wooden slats to take it to the next level. Super easy and super artistic!

2. Fabric Panel Wall

They not only add colour to the wall but also offer textured contrast which looks amazing. These on a neutral background will look fantastic. Imagine a sleek glossy white wall which has a bunch of these. Fantastic indeed!

3. Framed Photos Wall Clock

This can be a very functional art piece as it not only adds show to the room by having all your perfect picture moments but also will act as a clock. With all of us having our phones around all the time looking at the clock has become rare. So change it upwith this amazing art installation. It will suit the best in your living room.

4. DIY Plates Wall Arrangement

The fancy china you have at home and you never use is probably getting bored like that and why keep it in and wait for a special occasion to take them out when you can make them the centre of attention all the time. Yes, by arranging them in pattern and sticking using the peel-and-stick tape you can have you very own stunning wall display by just using your china and some tape.

5. DIY Threaded Heart

Just by connecting the dots, you can have a beautiful art installation at home. It will fool anyone thinking you’re the master when it comes to craft. DIY threaded heart looks complicated but trust us, it’s not.

6. DIY Fish Scale Wall Art

Gold is always a very interesting colour and a goof textured wall we all love. You can bring both of them together with just one DIY project and that is making a fish scale wall art. And voila! You have a designed wall with a super stylish art installation.

7. DIY Pallet Indoor Living Wall

If you want to give your house a natural and fresh look and make it more organic, don’t underestimate the power of green. You can add this fresh pallet living wall to give your house a more lively vibe. A nice addition can be turning it into a herb garden.

8. Paper Rosette Backdrop

The most wonderful way to add colour to anything is this. Paper rosettes instantly can light up a setting and make it more vibrant and colourful. If you want to host a party and keep this as a theme decoration you can experiment with the colour codes of your party. For example, white and red for Christmas.

9. Sectioned Canvas Wall Art

This has to be the coolest art installation ideas as if you have bamboo sticks sectioning your wall of framed canvases or even photos. This can instantly amp up the whole look and make your wall look interesting.

10. Paper Scrap 3D Wall Art

If you’d like a 3D installation on your wall then this can be the perfect one for you. As the paper installation brings more depth to space. This can be a really fun and playful addition to your space. You can have this either in your living or also in your bedroom.

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