10 types of installation ideas

by theartinvogue on 03/02/2021


Installation art is a term which is used while describing large-scale, mixed-media constructions, which is designed for a specific place or for a temporary period of time. Artworks which are installed are often seen occupying an entire room or gallery space. This is to give the observer a chance to look at the art and fully engage with it.

There are some of the art installations which are designed in such a manner that one can just look at them and walk around contemplating what it is. And some of the art pieces are made so that they can be viewed from a doorway itself. Installation art stands out from other forms of art because they have a function of being unified rather than being separate. The main focus here is the viewer’s experience when they look at the installation art piece and how deeply it succeeds to root in their mind.

Light Installation Art

Be it natural of artificial, staying true to its name light art harnesses light for the purpose of creating impactful art statements. They can be temporary or also permanent. Whether it is outdoor artworks with tons of lighting or minimal indoor installations, Light Installation Art looks fabulous anyhow. Artists sometimes capture beautiful natural sunlight and some make art pieces which emit electric light. This is also an exploration of LED technology development.

Environmental installation art

Rethinking the importance of exhibition space, Environmental art seeks places where art can happen and exist. This questions the authorities of museums and galleries which have historical production, sales and viewing of artworks. Artists are in search of new and surprising locations where they can find art buyers and basically an audience for art. They somehow remove the power from high scale art-dealers and buyers and basically the large art market to question the need for such an audience. A strong emphasis is put on the birth of an idea and the process of creation and not much on the fact that the work should be seen by people or anyone at all.

Conceptual installation art

This when the concept is more important than how the art piece actually turned out. This was started in the 1960s-1970s. The idea behind conceptual art is that the concept is more important than real work. And when an artist starts using a conceptual form that means that the planning and decisions which are made beforehand are the real deal rather than the execution of the same.

Performance installation art

This is an accepted part of the visual art world this term is used to describe something like film, video and photos which are installation-based artworks. This form of artworks is conveyed by the actions of the artists or performers to the audience. Recently, the performance industry has come across as a way of engaging directly with social reality. Performance right now is not limited to just being a medium and a form of artwork. It is also a set of questions and concerns about how art can be made relatable to people and society.

Flower installation art

The most trendy form of art installation, especially in events like weddings floral installation is a clear form of spectacle beauty. Great artistry can be shown here in an abstract form as well. You also find large statement pieces here which amps up the venue.

Paper Installation Art

As an artistic medium, the paper is mostly looked at as a blank canvas for drawing and sketches. However, that’s not the truth. Paper is evidently capable of being an incredible art installation if given a chance.

Nature Installation Art

This particular type has to do a lot with nature and greenery. We live in a world right now which is mostly cement and though gardens and all are fun not every one of us has the time to manage it. So if you still want a hint of nature in your space this is the perfect choice for you as this is something which is inspired by nature.

Textile Installation Art

A very unique addition to the Installation Art business but textile Installation Art has to be the most interesting as some phenomenal work by artists is out there where they’ve made use of fabric to make something mind-blowing.

Ceramic Installation Art

Using only ceramic, the Ceramic Installation Art can sometimes replicate sculptures. These can come in various sizes and shapes, and are only formed by using the material ceramic. They cast a fabulous impact with the scope of creativity used here.

3D Installation Art

A three-dimensional art, produced by creativity to radiate an ambience and a look that can speak drama, 3D Installation Art can create an illusion of sorts. This is exactly what makes it all the more impressive.

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