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by theartinvogue on 03/12/2021

If you’re someone who makes their space a combination of all the things they love then we can totally the vibe you like. But every season the trends change and keep on changing so to still make your space all about what you love is very challenging as trying out these trends is super tempting. And who doesn’t keep looking for updates?
A very predicted trend is to make your space comforting and give your house a nurturing vibe. From a little modern and vintage mixture to layering texture and maximising natural light, these trends are nailing it for owners to make mindful decisions for their house. And why not as a comforting space is always welcoming.
Here are a few ideas which you can incorporate into your house.

Relaxed and Cozy

“For 2021 I feel that there will be some major changes, with a departure from midcentury furniture to a more relaxed, cosy look,” insists ELLE Decor A-List interior designer Juan Montoya, who thinks that living rooms can have a lot more comfortable chairs and furniture though it might be smaller in scale. The best way to incorporate something great is to add antique pieces or sculpture pieces that can be in the entry hallways making it look interesting.

More Seating Areas

All of us want a living room that provides comfort and is functional at the same time. As we’re spending more time at home it’ll be lovely if we create spaces where we can sit and chill. These include adding a games table, having a multipurpose library, and a few seating areas for reading and relaxing. This will allow your family to be in the same room even if they’re doing different activities.

Luxe Minimalism

This is a very common trend among shoppers. As many of us are working and learning from home we tend to bring in natural materials like wood and marble as we feel it creates a sense of calmness in our space. A lot of people have desks made of Black Forest marble top and it looks great in the living room. Luxe Minimalism style makes your place look calm with the neutral shades of colour option as well as it adds a tint of nature to your space so that it doesn’t get boring.

Strong Colours Mixed With Neutrals

We agree to the fact that neutral tones play together really well but you will always find string colours and patterns mixed with neutral tones creating a statement. Whether it’s a single wall that has beautiful patterns of it some show pieces which adds a pop of colour to a basic background. In 2020 we saw that there was a rise in neutrals mixed with antiques and also with some newly minted pieces. But in 2021 we can confirm that the brown wood is back creating a new style of its own and will surely make its place in all our homes eventually.

High Style Accessories

We’re seeing more and more people making it a point that in 2021 accessories get the credit that they deserve. Especially in the living rooms we’re seeing comfortable seating arrangement in bold colours and rich tones. This year we’re hoping that we can see accessorizing even more with bold patterns and more artful work. Mostly people relating to their chosen artwork as it gives a more personal vibe to the space.

Entertainment Spaces

As we all know that staying in is becoming the new normal, people aren’t getting any chances to go out very often if they don’t have something important to do. Hence when it comes to entertainment, we’re seeing that takes place only inside our homes right now. Were investing more in bigger TVs, better sound systems and more comfortable seating to enjoy new movies/concerts at home. To give yourself the prestigious dining out experience we’re giving more attention to dining in. Beautiful designed kitchens and tables and chairs are more in right now for the same reason. As we continue missing our favourite restaurants and theatres creating our spaces so beautifully to keep feeling like we’re not missing out on anything is a top priority of most people this year.

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