What Is Photography?

by theartinvogue on 03/02/2021

When you hear the word, photography, you may only think of a camera and a person posing. Moreover, all most people think of photography is that it is merely something done out of passion or as a hobby. However, the truth is far from that. Photography is more of an art form that can readily become a full-fledged career when pursued the right way.
With the many booming opportunities and scope in photography, the options for an aspirant are many. Though, someone who wants to make a career out of it needs more than just a few basic photography ideas. What he/she needs is more than just some photography tips and a clear idea of what exactly it is and what are the different types of it. Here they are!


Portrait photography is a style of photography that includes capturing the very character, expression, and personality of the said subject. It is all about getting that perfect shot of a person, capturing the emotions and mood of them in an abstract shot. That being said, portrait photography isn’t just an art of taking photos of people. It is way deeper than that.
Using the subject’s expressions and the right technique, that is the correct angles, lights, camera settings, backdrops, compositions, and poses, a portrait photographer aims at evoking certain emotions through the shot. Much like portrait paintings, portrait photography too, is a great form of visual storytelling with much less effort but the same level of creativity and art. Portrait photography may seem easy but it is one good art to master.


A basic yet tricky skill to learn and master is the art of Still Life Photography. Again, it may seem like the easiest form of photography, but it is, indeed, tricky. Here, the control and all the responsibility lies solely on the shoulders of the photographer. This is because here the subject is not a living thing or a person but a collation of common objects placed together aesthetically.

To render certain emotions and reflect a mood through the final shot, the photographer has to play around with his skills, techniques, compositions. He must have the vision for the final picture, and the fact that he has complete control over arranging the objects is helpful. Being a still life photographer can be a foundation for other styles of photography. Once they learn to work around with just a few objects, other kinds of photography seems fairly easier.


Over the years, it is fashion photography that has gained popularity all over the world. An indirect part of marketing, fashion photography is nothing but the art of capturing fashion – clothes, shoes, accessories. Of course, models make for a prime part of this too. This kind of photography is completely dedicated to capturing certain clothes and fashion products in a way that stirs desire and interest in the audience’s AKA the consumer’s mind.
That is the whole point of this type of photography, to sell fashion. It is fashion magazines, marketing banners, and advertisements that mostly make use of fashion photographers. As one, they need to not only focus on the product that is being marketing, that is the clothes, but also the model, the backdrop, props, etc. They are in charge of capturing the products as a whole with its complementing accessories and people, to instill an emotion and intrigue in the consumers.


The kind of photography that you see in magazines, newspapers, books, and websites is all a part of Editorial photography. The purpose of this type of photography is to impart some knowledge and tell something to the audience. It is meant to educate, inform, or show something to you. They can either be solely informative or representative of content on a platform.


An integral part of news and journalism, Photojournalism is similar to journalism, except here they tell a story through pictures. Here, the photojournalist uses his photography skills to capture and then visually represent a story to the audience with nothing but pictures. A creative and intriguing medium of journalism and type of photography, Photojournalism is basically visual storytelling. Being an unusual type, it is still trying to find a common spot in the profession of photography.


In simple words, Architecture photography is the art of capturing buildings. Also known as building photography or structure photography, as the name suggests, it does focus solely on buildings and structures. An architectural photographer uses his skills, techniques, and camera to capture not just the exteriors but also the interiors of a building, Cityscapes, bridges, and other edifices also make for some subjects for an architectural photographer.
Now that you are familiar with some of the most popular types of photography, you will be able to decide what kind you want to pursue if you are an aspiring photographer. If not, then you may now be aware of the fact that photography is not just a hobby but a skilled profession.

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